NOW, Your Brokerage Can Help Increase Your Credit Score! For FREE

Guidance is invaluable, and Nuvill’s new service provides you insight to your credit score like you’ve never seen before.

Raising the bar at Nuvill

Nuvill has innovated the services a Brokerage provides, so there is quite a bit of information to explain. Stick with us! We promise it’s worth it!

How It Works

Deciding To Buy

So you’ve made the decision that you want to buy. Contact Nuvill to set up an appointment to pull your credit to see where your score lands.

Giving You A Boost

Need a little credit boost risk free, and quickly? No problem. With our innovative software, Nuvill can then pinpoint the exact liability (credit card, loan, etc.) and the exact amount you’ll need in order to boost your credit score, WITHIN DAYS!*.

Get Notified of Credit Jump

Once all documentation is submitted, it only takes a matter of days for Nuvill to get notified directly from the credit bureaus of your new and improved credit score. With this new score we can then better qualify you for your dream home!

Maybe This Will Help Answer Some Of Your Questions!

  • Why is a Real Estate Brokerage helping me with my credit?

    Because we have been in your shoes.

    One of our owners was going through the process of buying a home, and became frustrated with the outdated system of how credit is scored, raised (or dropped), the impact it has on your home qualifications, and not holding any certainty that what he was doing was going to raise his score. He also didn’t necessarily want to go speak to an intimidating lender right away while trying to build his credit. So, as a brokerage, we innovated the industry and made it easier for home buyers to gain direct access to what they need to do for their credit score when it comes to buying a home.

  • What are The Benefits you ask?

    For You

    • You’ll know your EXACT credit score that a lender will use to qualify you (Yes, the score on Credit Karma is different from the score a mortgage lender will use to qualify you.
    • Gain knowledge to your credit score without having to involve a lender right away. Your Nuvill realtor, who you already trust, can now provide you with invaluable insight to your credit.
    • Build your credit score RISK FREE and FAST.
    • Know precisely how much your credit score will increase, within days!* No more wondering if what you are doing to build your score is actually working.
    *results may vary depending on individual credit scores, credit score histories, individual debt, time frames of which rapid rescores are completed, rapid rescore qualifications and/or paperwork needed.
  • Will pulling my credit with Nuvill hurt my score?

    Only a few points, but that applies across the board.

    If you were to go to any lender, your score will be impacted in the slightest way. Once your credit is pulled with Nuvill, you have a 30 day window where any, and any number of lenders can pull your credit as well, and it will still only affect your credit a couple points in the end.

  • You're saying my credit score can increase within days? Seems too good to be true.

    Well it’s true.

    One of our owners tested it out first to make sure our services were what they say they are. His personal credit score increased by 61 pts! Once he did his due diligence, and Nuvill submitted the payment paperwork to the credit bureaus, within 3 days, he had a brand new credit score.

  • Is there a catch to the credit improvement?

    Not at all.

    What our software does is directly provide options as to which liability (credit card, loan, mortgage, etc.) and how much (the exact dollar amount) you would need to pay it down in order to increase your credit, immediately. If one option isn’t visible, then Nuvill will work with the software to see what other direct payment options you have in order to increase your credit score to the score that would best help qualify you for your next home.

  • How much will my credit score go up?

    Every situation is different.

    Credit scores come in all shapes and sizes, and what's contributing to the score has even more variables. Depending on your credit history, payment history, debt, and other variables, all credit boosts will vary. Though in our experiences so far we have seen credit scores have an increase from 10 points, to 55 points, in a matter of days!

  • How is it that my score increase can increase so quickly?

    We’ve got connections.

    Just kidding, but seriously though. When Nuvill submits the simple paperwork into our software, it is directly sent to the credit bureaus themselves. Then, the credit bureaus increase your score in their system, which then in return gets sent back to us and you.

  • How will I know when my credit score increased?

    When we know, you know.

    Once you make your recommended payment to your specific liability, and Nuvill submits the payment proof paperwork directly to the credit bureaus, Nuvill will then receive a notification that your personal credit score has been increased. Nuvill will then excitedly contact you with the great news!

  • You mentioned the credit score Credit Karma provides is probably different than the score lenders will use to qualify me, why is that?

    Mortgage lenders use a different score.

    Credit Karma is a great resource! But what most consumers don’t know is that there are a variety of credit scores used for different types of loans. Credit Karma provides VantageScore 3.0 credit scores independently from both credit bureaus. The problem with that is most lenders use your FICO 2 score to base your mortgage qualifications on, which can be slightly (or a lot) different than what score Credit Karma provides you. Nuvill’s software pulls the exact credit scores lenders use to directly qualify you for your new home.

  • Will a mortgage lender to able to see my new credit score?


    When the time comes to sit down with a lender and your Nuvill agent, your improved score will be exactly what they see. As a plus, we work directly with trusted lenders who are up to date on the services Nuvill is providing home buyers, making it an easy conversation on your qualifying variables.

  • When should I contact Nuvill to utilize The Emoh Credit Benefits?

    When home buying is in the near future.

    There are many other variables besides credit score that play a role in qualifying for a home purchase; down payments, debt to income ratio, locations, types of loans, and more. So utilizing our Emoh Credit Benefits should be one of the last things we do. Don’t worry though! If you would like to talk more about your home buying process and what all these terms mean, contact us today and we can set up a complimentary appointment to guide you in the right direction.

  • Why did Nuvill start the Emoh Credit Benefits?

    Nuvill isn’t in sales, we are in service.

    For a long time we at Nuvill felt real estate brokerages have become stuck in their same ol’ services, and weren’t offering their customers much of anything new. At Nuvill we wanted to provide a fresh outlook on what services and guidance your realtor could really provide in order to better serve you in the home buying experience.

  • Do I have to utilize Nuvill’s Emoh Credit Benefits?

    Not at all!

    If you simply want Nuvill to help you find a home, that is what we will do! This program is to be used for Nuvill clients only if you want to utilize the Emoh Program Credit Benefits.

  • What is the difference between the Emoh Credit Benefits and Emoh Gives Back?

    Nuvill’s Emoh Program consists of two parts.

    One being the Emoh Credit Benefits, which is exactly what you just read about; providing our clients with a new and innovative real estate credit score service to help better serve them and their home buying needs. Emoh Gives Back is Nuvill’s way of bettering our community and donating a portion of our commission to local charities. Click Here to read more about Emoh Gives Back.

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