Selling your home automatically comes with a list of things to do, sign, send, and decide on. But with these 6 easy tricks will help impress the buyers in a very inexpensive way. Taking in consideration the Fall season, here are 6 things you can do this season to help sell your inviting home!

couple raking leaves

1. Rake the Fall Leaves

The autumn leaves are beautiful, but a clean and raked front and back yard make the the world of difference. Curb appeal is still important, so make sure you rake up the leaves, cut any overgrown plants, trees, or hedges, and make sure your windows are clear and open!

light bulbs

2. Light Up the Home

We all know that in Fall we lose daylight, meaning that it makes it harder for potential buyers to see your home. Adding some front lawn lights really appeal to buyers, making it easy to see your home and visualize pulling in at a darker hour. Make sure you maximize on the all the natural light you can get by opening the blinds, drapes and curtains. Add a tabletop lamp or another decorative light to a room if it seems a bit dark. Work with your agent to schedule showings at an earlier time so you get as much sunlight as possible. Lighting makes a world of difference, we promise!

roofing gutters

3. Unclog the Gutters

This tip goes along with curb appeal as well. Buyers don't want to see clogged gutters filled with leaves and debris. They will automatically think "will I have to deal with that if I buy this home?". It also will give you a chance to make sure your roof is in good condition before you start bringing buyers over!

fall decorations

4. Seasonal Touch to the Front Porch

The flowers chrysanthemums are pretty cheap, their yellow and gold, and are hard to kill! You could even put a pumpkin or two on your porch or steps to add a bright seasonal touch.

more fall decorations

5. Pumpkin Spice Anyone?

No need to be a baking expert, you could simply burn some autumn scented candles before a showing. Scents such as ginger, cinnamon, and apple will make your potential buyers feel welcomed and cozy (like everyone would want to feel like in their potentially new home).

large fireplace

6. Focal Fireplace

If your listing has a fireplace, now is a good time for you to make use of it! Obviously if it is a real fireplace, don't leave unattended between showings, but adding some fall decor around the fireplace would do the trick too! If you have an agent showing your home, having a warm and cozy fire crackling around some chairs is the perfect touch! If you are needing some more specific recommendations on how to sell your home faster, contact us today so we can help show your home at its best!