Moving to the Colorado Springs and want to know what to expect? We want to make sure you know as much as you can about our beautiful city before being fully submerged into a complete new atmosphere. In this article we will cover a full range of topics and advice about Colorado Springs! Whether you are coming from Texas, or our next door neighbor, Kansas, let's get you accustomed to a new town!

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A Military town.

In Colorado Springs there are a total of five military installations spread out throughout all the edges of the area; The United States Air Force Academy (USAFA), Peterson Air Force Base, Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station, Schriever Air Force Base, and Fort Carson Army Post. Not only is Colorado Springs home to those, but there are a number of businesses and corporations that specialize in providing necessities and technology for each of the installments. Residing in a town of men and women who proudly represent our country, this city fully supports our military defenses here, and you can feel the patriotism and appreciation for all active, non-active, and veteran service members.

Colorado Springs Garden of The Gods

The Climate and undecided weather.

Undecided Weather - Whether it is winter, or summer, random shifts in weather are to be expected in Colorado Springs. Due to its climate and positioning, going from sunshine rays to a heavy downpour with hail and wind in a matter of minutes, is not so unexpected. In winter, warmer and nicer days can easily revert to a blizzard in mid afternoon. Or vise versa. You could leave your house bundled up from head to toe driving in a snowstorm, and by the end of the day all the snow is melting, like nothing ever happened.

It's a Dry Climate - Besides the random weather shifts, it is a drier climate. If you are coming from a lower elevation, more humid place, don't be surprised if you and your skin take some time for adjustment. Make sure to always stay hydrated!

High Elevation - A large portion of you will be moving from a lower elevation, seeing how Colorado Springs is more than a mile higher than sea level; 6,035 feet to be exact. Be prepared to let your body acclimate to it. At times you may feel altitude sickness, fatigued, or even short of breath while exercising. No need to worry, give yourself time to adjust to it. We are also a bit closer to the sun, so make sure to protect your skin accordingly.

The average weather - In January the average high is 43 degrees with your moderate snowfall, and an average of 84 degrees in summer. For those who are coming from more overcast areas, this is will a change of pace for you, because Colorado Springs has an average of 243 sunny days!

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The "Outdoorsy" kind of People.

Hiking, skiing, snowboarding, water rafting, mountain biking, rock climbing, hunting, fishing, hot springs, or simply going for a walk, you name it, Colorado Springs does it. You will notice a lot of people dressed geared up for hiking, or you may even get asked, "Do you ski?". Colorado Springs has a backyard full of outdoor activities that are down the street, or if it's up in Breckenridge with the fresh snow.

The sporty theme of Colorado Springs also stems from the fact that it is home to the US Olympic Training Center, blasting our city with that much more great competitive athletes.

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Our little big city is growing. ALOT.

From new developments, career opportunities, new residents, Colorado Springs tops the list at being the one of the biggest growing cities in the nation. Millennials being the main source (this includes people born in between 1981-1997) of the surge; Colorado Springs received a 14.7% increase in millennials. The development has grown exponentially, especially to those who have lived here for a while, or are natives. Every day there is new construction, new housing developments, new business developments, you name it.

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Colorado Springs is a very supportive place for local businesses. Downtown Colorado Springs is filled with local shops, activities, events, and restaurants, which makes our culture very unique. And the best part is that it's not just downtown, local businesses are spread out throughout the entire city, in all the different communities and neighborhoods, like in Fountain, Security/Widefield, Falcon, and especially in Manitou Springs. Yes, we still have those big named brands, but if you want support for your local business, you'll for sure get it in Colorado Springs.

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