At the end of the home selling process, what documents does the seller need to bring to closing? Well Nuvill has you covered! Closings can get confusing or overwhelming at times, but having your due diligence documents all ready to go can save you a headache and some time! The buyer will most likely request a copy of certain items pertaining to the house. Start gathering the following items:

  • New forwarding address
  • Photo IDs
  • Social security cards
  • Lead based paint report
  • Inspection of any feature or aspect of the property
  • Any warranties
  • Any owner's manuals
  • Flood plan information
  • Past insurance claim information
  • Survey and plans
  • Historical information regarding the house
  • Door codes, garage codes, security system directions, etc.
  • Receipts
  • Permits or statements for repairs started or completed on the property
  • If the house is a rental, they will need Leases, Tenant Estoppel Letters, Cash Flow analysis, etc.
  • Any additional documentation such as list of paint colors instructions on how to use the sprinkler system, where the mailbox is located and the mailbox number.

For the new owners, don't forget the essentials like:

  • Keys to house
  • Keys to mailbox
  • Garage door opener

If you are in a neighborhood by a homeowners association you will be required to give the buyer documents regarding the HOA. The buyer has a right to review these documents to determine whether they want to live with the HOA guidelines. Gather up these documents while the house on the market.

  • All HOA declarations
  • Bylaws
  • Rules and regulations
  • Operating agreements
  • Party wall agreements
  • The annual budget

Remember, all of these are subject to change according to each situation. Make sure to always be in contact with your Realtor in order to bring the right documents to your closing.