Every parent wants to make sure their child is getting a great education in order for their growing minds to blossom in a way that sets their future up for success. Overall, Colorado Springs has great public schooling as well as some of the top private schools. And even better, Colorado is an open enrollment state! This means that you as a parent can choose to have your child go to their assigned school, or 'choice in' to another school inside or outside your school district.

Some specific areas in Colorado Springs are home to some of the top rated elementary schools, such as the Northwest, Briargate, Broadmoor, and Northgate.

Northwest Area of Colorado Springs

This area of Colorado Springs is a beautiful place if you are wanting a closer feel to the mountains, but not in the mountains completely. This area lays perfectly in between Garden of Gods and the Air Force Academy and includes a few of the top elementary schools. In 2017, Chipeta Elementary School in District 11 ranked better than 96.4% of elementary schools in Colorado.

Next is Woodmen Roberts Elementary School in District 20 with an average test score of 88.23%. All in all, the elementary schools in this area are well equipped with great teachers and settings to give your child the education they deserve.

Broadmoor Area

Yes this area is known for its beautiful homes, landscaping, and view, but the best part is that their schooling tops our list with THE BEST elementary schools in Colorado Springs! The Cheyenne School District 12 is the number one school district in the state! The Vanguard School, Cheyenne Mountain Elementary School, and Broadmoor Elementary School naturally all fall to the top of the list in school in Colorado Springs. Cheyenne Mountain Elementary School ranked 21 out of 929 elementary schools in the entire state.

Briargate Area

The Briargate area of Colorado Springs is home to some of the best elementary schools in the state. Mountain View Elementary School in District 20 comes first, rated the number one District 20 elementary school. Right behind is Chinook Trail Elementary School rated the number two District 20 elementary school. This school district already has a great educational standard and the top two being in Briargate makes for a proud community of parents and teachers.

Northgate Area

The Northgate area is close to the Air Force Academy. In District 38, Prairie Winds Elementary is known for their high test performance rates. Next is the Classical Academy Charter in District 20 coming in sixth in District 20's elementary schools

To learn more about Colorado Springs neighborhoods and to learn more about which area or school district would best fit your family, please feel free to contact us! Nuvill is here to help in every situation, making your home buying experience a memory to remember.

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