We want to help buyers have a better understanding of the advantages to buying a new build home. With the current market, you might not be able to find the perfect home you have your heart set on (or you might find the one, but it has a lot of repairs and fixes). Buying a newly built property can save you from hassles and provide higher efficiency/a lot more customization. Those are just a few of the many advantages of buying new!

Here are 6 Benefits of buying a new home over a resale:

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1. Fewer Repairs

A new build home will always hold up better than an existing one, merely because it is brand new. It hasn't experienced any wear or tear, nothing needs to be replaced or repainted.

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2. Less Maintenance

When you buy a used home, neither you nor the existing owners might know what the house consists of or what you are really getting. This can result in a lot of maintenance after you have moved in and settled. New builds nowadays are engineered to minimize maintenance.

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3. Customization

One of the most exciting benefits of buying a new build is the process of being able to design your new home! The build team helps you tailor your space to your taste. Choose type of flooring, storage space, what color the exterior is, or even choose which lot you like best. You also get to see your house grow as it builds!

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4. Going Green/Safety

Most newer houses are built with appliances and structure made to be energy-efficient to help reduce your utility bill. Builders usually include energy-efficient stoves, washing machines, refrigerators, heaters, air conditioning units, windows, and furnaces. You can always upgrade existing homes, but that of course will come with an additional cost after purchase.

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5. Warranty

In most cases with new builds, the builders will often agree to take care of the repairs for at least a year. For example, if your roof starts to leak, your builder will pick up the tab. When you purchase an existing home, you will naturally have a home inspection, but it does not account for the hidden defects that you might not have had time to find, or a defect that might show up a year down the line.

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6. Technology

New homes are usually up-to-date with the latest technology built right in, whether that is speaker systems, alarm systems, internet wiring, or cable. This benefit could save you a lot of money, time, and holes in the wall!