Our team at Nuvill wants to make sure you are able to navigate through your real estate experience the best way possible. Sometimes having access to the most popular home search websites is not an advantage, but could quite easily be a source of frustration, misleading information, and unwanted solicitation. No where on the top home search engine websites (such as zillow, trulia, realtor.com) do they express what is happening behind the scenes. That is why Nuvill is here to help you avoid the inaccuracy of these businesses and platforms. Here are the top reasons to avoid using these corporate platforms.

1. They keep listings up after they have been sold.

Conversation about zillow

How upset would you be if you are searching on Zillow and seemed to have found your dream home, and later find out it has been sold for over a month now? Well, this is what these top platforms do which is providing inaccurate listings that have already been sold. AND it turns out Zillow (and other similar platforms) is MISSING a whole bunch of homes for sale! This missing data makes their market coverage super inaccurate to those searching for the next home.

What we do at Nuvill is set you up with an account directly with the MLS, that way you get updated daily with the newest listings that fit your home search criteria! This false advertising tactic is to only assume more leads for them to sell. They more information on their website, the more people will contact them about listing (whether it is sold or even accurate), which in return is a buck for them to sell your information to a real estate agent. To them, it doesn't matter whether the information is accurate or not.

2. The agent listed with the property is an ad.

zillow ad

You would think that the agent listed on the page of the home you are looking at is the 'listing agent' or 'seller's agent. But you're wrong. Sometimes on Zillow and other big companies like them will sometimes attach a realtor® that is paying them to advertise their name. That agent you call will have no idea about that listing, nor have any idea what you are looking for. OR if you are already in a contract with a realtor, calling that agent listed on that page would have been a waste of your time (because you are really looking for the listing agent) and that agents. Lose lose situation.

3. Entering your information into Zillow = Unwanted Solicitation from 100's of Realtors®.

angry business man

These websites are designed to create leads for realtors®, and in return, create revenue for the website. Not only is your information being bought by one realtor®, but by several. You will then have 10, maybe 20 different realtors® calling you, in an hour. The house you were simply interested in has now caused you a headache of texts, emails, calls from agents. Not only will you be contacted by agents, you also will be contacted by "mortgage lenders, loan officers, property managers, and other professionals...". This is stated in the fine print when you enter your information on these platforms.

Some advice, try and stay local! Local real estate websites stay true to their customer's needs and wants. Nuvill's website NEVER sells your information, and you will only be contacted by ONE of us at Nuvill to make sure we can help you anyway we can.

4. ANYONE can post homes for sale or rent on these platforms.

zillow rent scam

That's right. You don't have to be licensed to post on zillow. There have been known reports of people getting scammed on websites such as zillow, trulia and realtor.com. There is no way to verify if this home is actually for sale, or if it's even the owner who listed it. BE CAREFUL. Nuvill's site pulls directly from the MLS (multiple listing service) which is regulated, AND you have to be licensed and a member to post real estate for sale or rent.

5. - Zestimates are very inaccurate

zillow zestimates

Zillow is accounting for over 43,000 zip codes, all over the country. There is no possible way the estimate for your home is going to be accurate. Zillow's estimates do not account for:

  • Condition of your home
  • Location of home's market
  • Surrounding areas that are flourishing or rising
  • Market Conditions and more!

According to the economist John Wake, the average Zillow Zestimate is $14,000 off, whether that is too high or too low. And more than half the time, they are off by even MORE. This could leave room for a lot of frustration.

If you want an accurate estimate of what your home could be worth, use a local home evaluation website (like Nuvill's) or call us where we can actually sit down with you and discuss your home's condition, location, surrounding homes that have sold, and the current market!