5 Signs It's Time To Call Your Agent!

You are on the verge of thinking you want to sell your house, or maybe even wanting to sell it on your own. You've seen of things on websites that make you believe the process is a piece of cake. How hard could it be to take a few photos, throw a sign up, talk to the buyers, do all the paperwork. Let us tell you, it is a little bit more complicated than that. We want to be able to sell your house as soon as you need it to sell, for the best price.

5 Step Guide To The Home Buying Process

You’ve decided to jump into the homeownership world, but you are nervous about some of the aspects that might arise. Nuvill's guide breaks down this exciting process into five manageable stages.

Documents Sellers Need To Bring To Close

At the end of the home selling process, what documents does the seller need to bring to closing? Well Nuvill has you covered! Closings can get confusing or overwhelming at times, but having your due diligence documents all ready to go can save you a headache and some time! The buyer will most likely request a copy of certain items pertaining to the house.

5 Things No One Tells You About Zillow!

Our team at Nuvill wants to make sure you are able to navigate through your real estate experience the best way possible. Sometimes having access to the most popular home search websites is not an advantage, but could quite easily be a source of frustration, misleading information, and unwanted solicitation. No where on the top home search engine websites (such as zillow, trulia, realtor.com) do they express what is happening behind the scenes. That is why Nuvill is here to help you avoid the inaccuracy of these businesses and platforms. Here are the top reasons to avoid using these corporate platforms.

7 Myths & Truths About Real Estate

We all know that dealing with transactions in real estate can get tricky and confusing. You are dealing with something that will affect your finances and future. All your hard-earned money is being transferred and moved around. It is ESSENTIAL that home sellers and home buyers have a great team of professionals behind them guiding them through each question and decision they are faced with. But don't forget to have fun in the process! It is an exciting time for you and your family. Here are seven myths you might face in your buying/selling journey! Do you know your stuff?

5 Things Military Families Should Know

Moving to the Colorado Springs and want to know what to expect? We want to make sure you know as much as you can about our beautiful city before being fully submerged into a complete new atmosphere. In this article we will cover a full range of topics and advice about Colorado Springs! Whether you are coming from Texas, or our next door neighbor, Kansas, let's get you accustomed to a new town!

Benefits Of Buying A New Build

We want to help buyers have a better understanding of the advantages to buying a new build home. With the current market, you might not be able to find the perfect home you have your heart set on (or you might find the one, but it has a lot of repairs and fixes). Buying a newly built property can save you from hassles and provide higher efficiency/a lot more customization. Those are just a few of the many advantages of buying new!

How Much House Does 250K Get You Around the Country?

If you are about to spend a quarter of a million dollars on a house, it might be interesting to know what you could get in other locations around the United States. The same money that could land you a studio on one coast could also buy you a peaceful family home of 2500 square feet on the other! Your location can really make a difference when it comes to stretching a large budget. Let's take a look at what 250K could buy you in these cities below!

Home Buyers, Who Pays Your Agent?

Straight to the point? Not you! Entering into a Buyer’s Agency Agreement has countless advantages and virtually no disadvantages. When you sign the agreement, you are simply agreeing to “hire” a personal representative who, by law, must represent your best interests to the best of his/her ability at no cost to you! The seller’s agent is responsible for paying your buyer’s agent fee.

Different Types of Mortgage Loans

A conventional loan is a mortgage made between a lender and a borrower with no other parties involved (such as VA or FHA). Conventional loans customarily require a 20% down payment. Down payments may be as low as 5% with mortgage insurance.

Colorado Springs Areas with the Best Elementary Schools

Every parent wants to make sure their child is getting a great education in order for their growing minds to blossom in a way that sets their future up for success. Overall, Colorado Springs has great public schooling as well as some of the top private schools. And even better, Colorado is an open enrollment state! This means that you as a parent can choose to have your child go to their assigned school, or 'choice in' to another school inside or outside your school district.

Heroes Earn Money Back With Nuvill

Are you a firefighter, teacher, healthcare professional, EMS, law enforcement, or military? When it comes to buying or selling a house, our affiliation with Homes for Heroes®️ can help get you instant cash back. Now you're probably asking if this is a real legit thing, and we promise you it is!

6 Inexpensive Tips to Help Sell Your Home in Fall

Selling your home automatically comes with a list of things to do, sign, send, and decide on. But with these 6 easy tricks will help impress the buyers in a very inexpensive way. Taking in consideration the Fall season, here are 6 things you can do this season to help sell your inviting home!

Do You Sell Your Home or Rent It Out?

You've reached a point in you and your family's life where you are considering moving, whether that is because you like another neighborhood, career change, moving closer to family, PCSing, or are finally able to make the jump into the dream house you have always wanted. Now you have to consider whether to sell you property or should you transition it into a rental property. Nuvill has put together 5 essential questions you need to ask yourself before you make that big decision.

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